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Aviation Property & Auto

Property Coverage:

  • Hangars & Buildings: Protect the heart of your operations, covering damages to hangars, terminals, and other structures, ensuring business continuity.

  • Equipment & Tools: Every instrument counts. Our coverage ensures that damages or losses to your essential equipment, from machinery to tools, are swiftly addressed.

Auto Coverage:

  • Ground Support Vehicles: The workhorses on the tarmac, like fuel trucks, pushback tractors, and shuttle buses, are crucial to smooth operations. Our coverage ensures they're protected against accidents, damages, or third-party liabilities.

  • Employee and Passenger Transport: Safety extends to every journey, whether in the air or on the ground. Vehicles transporting staff, crew, or passengers within the airport premises are covered against potential risks.

At Jefferson Aviation Insurance Solutions, we recognize the intricate dance of assets and vehicles that keep aviation businesses airborne. Our Property and Auto in Aviation coverage ensures that while your aircraft soar above, everything on the ground remains secure and operational.


Enabling Operations, Elevating Aviation

Jefferson Aviation is your strategic partner in the aviation industry. We specialize in providing tailored insurance solutions that protect your operations, crew, and assets. Our expertise enables operations and operational support to navigate the market confidently and take control of their insurance. We're committed to empowering your aviation journey, letting you focus on flying forward. Connect with us for personalized, strategic aviation insurance solutions.

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