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Skyward Leisure, Grounded Assurance

Why Choose Our Helicopter Pleasure & Business Policy Program?:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Robust protection precisely designed for the peculiarities of helicopter operations.

  • Customized Solutions: Policies sculpted to cater to your specific helicopter leisure and business uses.

  • Expert Guidance: Our team will steer you through the nuances of helicopter-specific insurance.

  • Competitive Pricing: As seen in the case studies below, our team will secure you a market competitive rate!

Case Studies

Navigating the intricate world of aviation insurance often involves piloting through an array of options and deciphering the most valuable and relevant coverage for your specific needs. At Jefferson Aviation Insurance Solutions, we pride ourselves on crafting personalized solutions that not only uplift the level of protection offered but also anchor your financial efficiencies. Below, explore how our approach has significantly benefited helicopter owners and pilots in their insurance journeys.

Case Study #1: Elevating the Aspirations of a Budding Aviator

  • Profile: Student Pilot with 40 Hours of Flight Experience

  • Aircraft: R44 Raven II

  • Scenario: The venture into aviation is an exhilarating journey, and for a student pilot stepping into the realm with the purchase of an R44 Raven II, securing a financially-efficient yet robust Pleasure & Business (P&B) policy was paramount.

  • Outcome: Through Jefferson Aviation’s dedicated analysis and a comprehensive understanding of the nuanced needs of novice aviators, we were able to offer a P&B policy that not only instilled confidence in the newly rated pilot but also ensured substantial financial savings. Compared to another brokerage, Jefferson Aviation secured a premium that resulted in a whopping 41% savings, paving the way for a financial ease as the pilot embarks on his aerial adventures.

Case Study #2: Navigating Expertise Towards Financial Efficiency

  • Profile: Veteran Pilot with 13,000+ Hours of Flight Experience

  • Aircraft: R44 Raven I

  • Scenario: With a wealth of experience and an intricate understanding of aviation’s varied facets, a pilot with over 13,000 flight hours sought to purchase an R44 Raven I. However, even the most seasoned aviators value a fresh perspective on their insurance possibilities, especially when venturing into new ownership.

  • Outcome: Engaging with Jefferson Aviation, the experienced pilot found a new horizon in insurance solutions. By diligently evaluating the pilot’s extensive experience, expertise, and the specific operational aspects of the aircraft in question, we provided a P&B policy that not only safeguarded the seasoned aviator’s pursuits but also anchored them in financial pragmatism. The outcome was a notable 20% savings on their premium compared to their previous long-standing broker. 

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