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Helicopter Hull & Liability

Explore our comprehensive helicopter Hull and Liability coverage program, designed to safeguard your operations and individual needs. With specialized solutions for commercial operators, emergency medical services, law enforcement, and private owners, we've got you covered.


Our program includes coverage for hull damage, liability protection for bodily injury and property damage, as well as coverage for equipment, avionics, and spare parts. We understand the unique risks associated with helicopter operations, and our policies are tailored to mitigate those risks effectively.


Enabling Operations, Elevating Aviation

Jefferson Aviation is your strategic partner in the aviation industry. We specialize in providing tailored insurance solutions that protect your operations, crew, and assets. Our expertise enables operations and operational support to navigate the market confidently and take control of their insurance. We're committed to empowering your aviation journey, letting you focus on flying forward. Connect with us for personalized, strategic aviation insurance solutions.

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