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General Liability

In the aviation industry, operations extend beyond just the flight. From hangar activities to on-ground operations, the range of responsibilities is vast, and so are the potential risks. Our Aviation General Liability coverage ensures that you're comprehensively protected in every facet of your aviation business.


Premises Liability: Whether it's your hangar, office, or any other part of your aviation facility, we cover potential claims arising from injuries or damages that occur on your premises.

Products & Completed Operations: For those in manufacturing, repair, or maintenance, we offer coverage against claims arising from the aviation products you produce or the services you render.


Independent Contractors: Collaborations are essential in aviation, and we ensure that your engagements with independent contractors don't become a liability. Our coverage includes protections against potential claims from third-party actions.


With Jefferson Aviation Insurance Solutions, you have a partner that understands the multifaceted nature of the aviation industry. Our Aviation General Liability coverage is designed to navigate the complexities, ensuring a smooth operation from the ground up.


Enabling Operations, Elevating Aviation

Jefferson Aviation is your strategic partner in the aviation industry. We specialize in providing tailored insurance solutions that protect your operations, crew, and assets. Our expertise enables operations and operational support to navigate the market confidently and take control of their insurance. We're committed to empowering your aviation journey, letting you focus on flying forward. Connect with us for personalized, strategic aviation insurance solutions.

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